Buying a custom made suit from Alan David NYC is a luxury that many people dream of. If you’ve ever thought about buying custom tailored clothing but thought that it was too expensive, think again.

A custom made suit for women or men from Alan David NYC is not that much more expensive than an off the rack suit. And when you factor in the cost of anything other than the most basic alterations to an off the rack suit, you can end up paying a lot for a suit to fit correctly.

But at Alan David NYC, your custom suit is guaranteed to fit you perfectly. Each garment begins with a complete set of measurements. From there, the expert tailors will construct a pattern made just for you, and baste your suit together by hand. At this point you will try on your hand basted suit, and minor fit adjustments will be made so that it fits you perfectly. All of these fittings are included in the price of your suit. And once you own your custom tailored suit, if you gain or lose weight, you can bring your suit pack for free alterations.

So the next time you think a custom suit from Alan David NYC is too expensive, remember the extra care and work that’s going into it to make it fit perfectly and last for many years. Then decide if the price is too much.