Custom shirts for men and women are an elegant part of any wardrobe, and a reasonable splurge for business people. Shirts are subject to a lot of wear, however, and have a tendency to wear out in certain spots. When your favorite custom shirt begins to show wear around the collar or cuff, or doesn’t fit right anymore because you’ve gained or lost weight, it can be disappointing to have to get rid of it.

Now you can keep those custom shirts that you love so much. The talented tailors at Alan David NYC can restore your custom made shirts back to their former glory. They can replace collars and cuffs, lengthen or shorten sleeves, take them in or let them out, and even update them with a new collar or cuff style.

Your old favorites can become your new favorites with Alan David’s custom shirt restoration service. It costs a fraction of the price of a new custom shirt, and all alterations are done with the original fabric of the shirt. Contact Alan David today to bring in your worn custom made shirts and get new life out of an old garment.